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Real Estate

Our team is experienced in navigating intricate issues arising from real estate transactions, agreements, and business relationships within the sector. We handle disputes ranging from complex litigations with commercial ramifications to individual cases initiated by consumers against real estate companies. We have also successfully managed land acquisition matters for consumers and advised on title due diligence and deal documentation.  

Representative experience

Advisory services on acquisition of land by foreign entities


Representation of a developer in disputes relating to legal title to land in North Bengaluru arising out of claims to title made by the erstwhile owners of the land against the developer and its vendors.  

Representation in suits for specific performance 

Representation of a vendor of industrial land in Bengaluru city in a suit for specific performance filed by the purchaser pursuant to termination of the agreement to sell for breach by the vendor.

Representation in suits for partition  

Representation of a purchaser of agricultural land near Bengaluru in suits by third persons claiming be family members of the vendor, in a suit for partition. 

Advisory services on lease arrangements 

Legal advice on title of commercial properties acquired by a manufacturing concern under lease from real estate developers in Hyderabad and Bengaluru.

Representation in tenancy contracts  

Representation of a large Bengaluru based real estate developer in disputes arising from lease arrangements with tenants and contracts with suppliers and service providers.

Title due diligence and deal documentation 

Title due diligence and assistance with deal documentation for a real estate company in relation to acquisition of and development of land for construction purposes.

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