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Engineering Procurement and Construction (EPC) 

We have extensive experience in handling disputes arising from construction, infrastructure, and engineering projects. Our deep sectoral knowledge sets us apart, enabling us to interpret complex contracts and understand the commercial/business aspects material to the dispute. Combined with risk assessment, time management skills and ethical considerations, our well-rounded approach guarantees to successful EPC dispute management. 

Representative experience

EPC dispute arising from execution of civil works

Representation of an Navratna public sector enterprise in arbitration proceedings initiated by a civil works subcontractor over inter se claims of delay in performance of obligations under the contract for execution of civil works and consequent claims for damages. 

Dispute arising from delays in completion of contractual obligation 

Representation of the developer of a thermal power project in disputes with its contractor in relation to delays in completion of contractual obligations (to develop the coal handling plant) and consequential inter se claims of damages.

EPC contract for greenfield port 

Representation of an Indian engineering company in arbitration proceedings against a Chennai based infrastructure group on issues arising from an EPC contract for a greenfield port.

Dispute involving construction of residential projects 

Legal representation to the State Infrastructure Development Corporation in disputes against a contractor over non-performance of contracts for construction of residential projects across the State.

Supply of goods and erection / commissioning services for HVAC system

Representation of a large Indian conglomerate in arbitration proceedings and post-arbitratral challenge and enforcement proceedings, in a dispute involving supply of goods and erection and commissioning services for HVAC equipment in a Bengaluru hotel.

Dispute over contract for execution of works 

Representation of a contractor in disputes against the developer of a large Indian port and its group company (and ultimate beneficiary of the contract) over claims for payments due under the contract for execution of works relating to the port. 

Dispute over EPC contract involving a thermal power project​

Representation of a Calcutta-based engineering company in arbitration proceedings against a State-owned Global Fortune 500 company for resolution of disputes arising from an EPC contract for a thermal power station in Gujarat. 

Representation in arbitration proceedings 

Representation in arbitration proceedings for an Indian engineering company against a major public sector enterprise over lapses in performance of EPC contract involving a coal handling plant in State of Jharkhand. 

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